CLAAS Crop Packaging

It's all about the cost per bale.

CLAAS net, twine, and stretch film are proven and cost-effective. Make these products part of your operation.

CLAAS Crop Packaging

It's all about the cost per bale.

CLAAS net, twine, and stretch film are proven and cost-effective. Make these products part of your operation.

CLAAS Bale Twine.

With CLAAS bale twine, you have a range of modern twine that is known for its high quality and economic efficiency.

CLAAS bale twine offers an unbeatable relationship between knot strength and yardage. Moreover, it is characterized by high operational reliability and low expansion. It guarantees dimensionally stable bales and is stable under UV radiation.


Reliability of use.

The rapid developments in square balers have led to an ever-increasing demand for high-quality baler twines. CLAAS baler twines cover all areas of use – from the new generation square balers with extreme baling compaction through round balers to conventional HD balers. CLAAS baler twine offers you a modern twine range characterized by a very high quality and excellent economy.

Choosing the right raw materials.

For reasons of operational reliability, no recycled materials are used in the manufacture of CLAAS baler twine. CLAAS baler twine is made of 100% untreated polypropylene and is therefore completely environmentally friendly. The UV stabilization protects the twine from the effects of radiation over the long term.

Optimum fibrillation.

“Fibrillation” means that the films manufactured from the raw materials are passed over a rotating pinned roller. Optimum fibrillation has the following effects:

  • Positive wear and tear properties
  • Low knotter malfunctioning
  • Dynamic impact absorption (e.g. when they are stored or transported)
  • High knot strength

High knot strength.

CLAAS baler twines have the best relationship of strength to running length. A knot strength of up to 280kg with a breaking resistance of over 400kg guarantee good running on every bale – independent of the knotting system and manufacturer.

Tying performance.

CLAAS baler twine is consistently round and therefore runs smoothly in the knotter. Safe tying is ensured and wear is minimized, which reduces the costs for repairs and machine downtime. The twine can be easily cut, does not jam in machine parts, and therefore allows perfect knot ejection. The twine reels are coiled accurately and therefore ensure problem-free unwinding.


CLAAS QUADOTEX twines have been developed in cooperation with the CLAAS Technical Development team to meet the requirements of big square balers. Just as the latest generation of balers demonstrate outstanding characteristics in terms of throughput and baling density, CLAAS QUADOTEX baling twines deliver formidable knot tightness and hold. The 11.5-kg reels mean that the twine range is suitable for long and productive working days. They can be used in the CLAAS QUADRANT balers, and in all other manufacturers' big square balers.

QUADOTEX XL is a high-performance twine with an extremely long running length per reel and kilogram (120 m). It is ideal for straw and silage bales which have to be baled under higher pressure.

Ordering Information.

Contact your local CLAAS dealer to learn more about the crop packaging material best suited for your operation.

Part NumberItemColorUnits per Pallet
00 0177 994 1CLAAS QUADOTEX 3200 XL So. (4520')White36
00 0177 992 0CLAAS QUADOTEX 3400 So. (3850')CLAAS Green36
00 0177 524 0CLAAS QUADOTEX 3400 CX (3850')CLAAS Green36