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Contact Us

United States:

  • West/Northwest: Michael Baldock; +1 817-609-5783; michael.baldock@claasfinancial.com
  • North Central: Scott Heitman; +1 402-740-0245; scott.heitman@claasfinancial.com
  • MN/WI: Roni Rogers; +1 901-482-0693; roni.rogers@claasfinancial.com
  • South/Southwest: Kim Pilcher; +1 318-381-7373; kim.pilcher@claasfinancial.com
  • Northeast: Grant Degen; +1 515-705-8777; grant.degen@claasfinancial.com
  • Inside Sales: Christian Barraza; +1 415-217-4255; christian.barraza@bankofthewest.com

If you have questions about financing or want to check on the status of a current contract, please contact us in a way that is most convenient for you.

CLAAS Financial Services, US LLC

180 Montgomery St.

San Francisco, CA 94104

Phone: +1 866-657-1442

Fax: +1 866-532-2689

Email: sales@claasfinancial.com / customersvc@claasfinancial.com


  • BC/AB: John Maxner; +1 403-826-4750; jmaxner@leasedirect.com
  • Northern SK: Blair Miller; +1 306-222-1088; blair.miller@dllgroup.com
  • Southern SK: Natalie Haslund; +1 306-807-6190; natalie.haslund@dllgroup.com
  • MB: Greg Wolitski; +1 204-396-1236; greg.wolitski@dllgroup.com
  • QC/Maritimes: Mylène Lussier; +1 438-483-4584; mlussier@leasedirect.com
  • ON: David Hanula; +1 866-689-0433, ext. 6510; dhanula@leasedirect.com