Smart Farming

Gain time. Save money.

From machine optimization with CEMOS AUTOMATIC, third party steering and mapping systems, TELEMATICS to DataConnect for open exchange of machine data, you can do it all with CLAAS.

Smart Farming

Gain time. Save money.

From machine optimization with CEMOS AUTOMATIC, third party steering and mapping systems, TELEMATICS to DataConnect for open exchange of machine data, you can do it all with CLAAS.

Digital Agriculture with CLAAS.

Achieve more with CLAAS smart farming.

For a long time, agriculture was driven by technological advances in agricultural machinery. Today, however, it is no longer just about maximum yield, but also about measurable efficiency, precise use of operating resources and answers to new challenges. These include an increased demand for agricultural products, a shortage of skilled workers, rising costs and changing climatic conditions. There is a solution for all this: smart farming.

Smart farming means using modern information technology for agriculture, i.e. digitizing one's own farm and automating certain areas. With smart farming applications, you as a farmer have the opportunity to reduce costs, increase your yield and minimize time spent on office work with the help of sensors, satellite technology and integrated systems. And: Smart farming also helps you to operate more sustainably.

Sensor and satellite applications allow you to work as precisely as possible in the field. Solutions such as the GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200 from CLAAS enable your agricultural machinery to carry out precision farming, for example when using the lanes you have defined and the application maps you have created. This prevents overlaps and defects.

Key Features.

Discover what's possible.

CLAAS connect.

With the free CLAAS connect application, you have all your CLAAS machines gathered in one app - with all the basic and live information such as configurations, consumption and location. In addition, the application offers you quick access to the shops for spare parts and operating supplies as well as an overview of the warranty and service requirements for your fleet. With the Lubricant Advisor, you can always find the right lubricants for your machines. CLAAS connect connects people, machines and systems.

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Telemetry with Machine connect and TELEMATICS.

On a farm, many processes are intertwined - above all, numerous machines have to work hand in hand. TELEMATICS helps you to keep a complete overview of your fleet. The system records and processes the data generated during work. This means that TELEMATICS connects the field and office for you through constant data exchange. With DataConnect, you can also coordinate all the machines in your mixed fleet in one cloud. CLAAS API ensures a smooth connection to your farm management system.

GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200 steering system.

With the GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200, you can operate precision farming all year round in a future-proof, cost-saving and simple way. CEMIS provides you with comprehensive support - in soil cultivation, sowing, fertilizing, care and harvesting. With automatic tracking, your machine works as if it were on rails.

Machine optimization with CEMOS.

With CEMOS, you have an intelligent companion on board that gets the most out of your machine. The machine optimization system always suggests exactly the settings for your tractor, combine harvester or forage harvester that you need - whether maximum efficiency or maximum performance. In this way, the system reduces complexity for you and optimally adapts your machine to all working conditions.

Frequently asked questions about smart farming.

  • Why does smart farming make sense?

    Smart farming helps you - as the name suggests - to make smarter decisions for your farm. Sensor, satellite and automation technology ensures more efficient processes, saving costs and increasing your performance. For example, smart farming software allows you to evaluate machine data in real time, plan work and send the information directly to your machines. With smart equipment such as a GPS-supported steering system on the machines, many tasks can also be carried out automatically.

  • How does smart farming work?

    Smart farming refers to the networking of agricultural machinery, attachments and administrative systems. Smart farming applications collect data and help to make better decisions during operation. To this end, the various applications are able to automatically make suggestions for machine settings, control agricultural machinery, provide decision-making aids and create forecasts for future processes. Ideally, you create the work orders digitally in the office and send them via mobile communications to the machines, where they are executed with the most efficient settings.

  • Is smart farming sustainable?

    Smart farming applications help to work as efficiently as possible. So, technology saves you time and money. And where resources such as fuel costs are used, the reduced consumption also helps the environment. For example, you avoid overlaps and defects while working in the field and adjust your machine as economically as possible using factors such as tire pressure and engine pressure. At the same time, this also protects the soil and ensures good yields for you in the future. Smart farming is therefore sustainable - both for the environment and for economic operations.

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