TRION 740 Advantage

Elevate Your Harvesting Experience with the Combine That’s Made to Fit Your Farm.

TRION 740 Advantage

Elevate Your Harvesting Experience with the Combine That’s Made to Fit Your Farm.

TRION 740: Made to Fit Your Farm

Engineered with the CLAAS innovation and efficiency you’ve come to expect, the TRION 740 was made to fit your farm. This heavy-duty combine is tailored for mid-sized operations, demonstrating exceptional tenacity in tackling your harvesting challenges. Set yourself apart from the ordinary with the CLAAS TRION 740 combine. It’s not just a machine, it’s a statement that you’re destined for more.

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Unmatched Efficiency, Unbeatable Savings

Meet the CLAAS TRION 740 – a combine that not only meets the demands of your farm but exceeds your expectations. Designed to outperform the competition, the TRION 740 combine delivers unmatched results in throughput, grain savings, and fuel efficiency, while setting a new standard in agricultural excellence.

Crafted with the needs of mid-sized corn and soybean operations in mind, the TRION 740 delivers a blend of power, precision, and innovation, helping you achieve the profitability you deserve. 

Upfront Savings: CLAAS TRION 740 vs. John Deere S770

The CLAAS TRION 740 class 7 combine enters the market at a listed base price that's an impressive $117,000* less than the John Deere S770. Compare the standard specifications and costs below and if you want to learn more, click here to see the full specs for the TRION 740.

The New Benchmark

In a recent head-to-head comparison in corn, the CLAAS TRION 740 went up against the more expensive John Deere S770. Both machines were operated in the same 300-acre corn field, yielding 230 bu/acre at 14.6% moisture. Fuel tanks were filled prior to harvesting. Each machine was equipped with Farmobile data loggers. The CLAAS TRION was optimized autonomously using CEMOS AUTOMATIC, the John Deere S770 was optimized by the experienced owner/operator.

The CLAAS performance advantage resulted in:

  • 19% higher throughput
  • 41 less grain loss
  • 37% less fuel consumption

TRION 740 Outperforms the John Deere S770 in All Three Categories:

Throughput Advantage: Harvest Smarter, Not Harder

Experience 19% greater combine capacity with the TRION 740, coupled with CEMOS AUTOMATIC, ensuring a quicker harvesting. Over 100 acres, the TRION 740 outperforms the John Deere S770 by 1.6 hours, saving valuable time that really adds up over 2,000 acres.

Minimizing Grain Loss: Maximizing Profits

With 41% less grain loss, the TRION 740 ensures more profit in your grain bin. Leveraging CEMOS AUTOMATIC, it optimizes threshing, separation, and cleaning settings, resulting in a substantial reduction in losses compared to the John Deere S770.

Fuel Efficiency: Driving Savings Home

Benefit from a remarkable 37% less fuel consumption with the TRION 740, not just reducing costs but keeping your pocketbook well-padded. CEMOS AUTOMATIC optimizes combine throughput, delivering substantial fuel savings compared to the John Deere S770.

Meaningful Differences: Boosting Your Bottom Line

Realize a $31,490* per year savings with the TRION 740, reshaping the way you harvest across 2,000 acres.

Upfront Savings: CLAAS TRION 740 vs. Case IH 7160

The TRION 740 offers an even greater cost savings over the Case IH 7160, at more than $126,000 less than the listed base price. 

Compare the key specifications below and if you want more, click here to see the full specs for the TRION 740.

Field-Tested Innovation by Farmers Across the Midwest

From different fields across the Midwest, we presented TRION combines to farmers, quite possibly operating in a field not far from your location. See the results for yourself!

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Invest in Excellence. Harvest with Confidence.

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