Be Brighter.

If you’re always running the numbers, you should consider running our equipment.

Be Brighter.

If you’re always running the numbers, you should consider running our equipment.

For those who know numbers are for keeping score.

CLAAS products are an engineered mix of efficiency, precision, convenience and reliability —all in the same package. But they aren’t for everyone. They’re for those who know the numbers that drive their operation and are interested in making them even better. For those with a plan. And, those who want to grab more control of their business and do things the smartest way, not just the way it’s always been done.

If that’s you. Then CLAAS is for you. And our 93% customer satisfaction rate is one number that is worth verifying yourself.

It’s time to consider CLAAS.

If you don’t know CLAAS or haven’t taken a look at our equipment lately, you should. That’s because for business-minded agriculture professionals who demand top-tier equipment, we are the global manufacturer that engineers and delivers solutions that consistently save you time and make you money.

It’s simple. We want to help you get more out of every day and be a partner in your success.

Brighter thinking means a brighter business for you.

Being brighter doesn’t stop with our products. It starts from our history of innovation and extends through our focus on engineering excellence, our On-Your-Farm-Parts and service programs to maximize your uptime, our commitment to deliver a solid return on your investment, and to our pursuit of constant learning to expand on our expertise.

At CLAAS, being brighter means delivering on our promise to consistently provide solutions that improve our customers’ businesses, as your success and our success go hand in hand.

To see how CLAAS can help save you time and make more money, visit your CLAAS dealer.


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