Are You Made for More?

Farming isn’t just farming. It’s balancing books. It’s meeting deadlines. It’s being an entrepreneur. It’s solving big problems and chasing even bigger ideas. It’s always striving to be just a little bit better than you were yesterday, to go further, to make more — and to be more.  

Achieving that takes something beyond machinery. It takes a partner that recognizes your challenges. It takes a partner that’s equally ambitious, equally dedicated to demanding more from themselves — and just as focused as you are on making your operation better. CLAAS never stops looking for ways to give you the extra edge you need to outperform yourself. That’s why every machine we build starts with you, your needs, your goals. And it’s why our service stops at nothing to get you where you want to go, with a team of hands-on experts dedicated to helping you plan and execute your vision.  

Our goal isn’t just making better machines. It’s making machines that make you even better. 

Because you were made for more.

Engineered for More.

CLAAS offers a wide variety of tractors, harvesting equipment, and smart farming solutions that were made to make you more productive. Check out product categories below. 

Machines Made for You.

CLAAS Tractors

  • 185-653 hp
  • Extremely efficient
  • Professional performance

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CLAAS Combines

  • Class 6-10
  • Leading throughput
  • Astounding efficiency

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CLAAS Forage Harvesters

  • 408 - 925 hp
  • JAGUAR 800 & 900 Series
  • SHREDLAGE technology

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CLAAS Mowers 

  • DISCO mowing technology
  • MAX CUT mower bar
  • ACTIVE FLOAT suspension

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CLAAS Tedders

  • 17" 1" - 42' 8"
  • Exclusive MAX SPREAD
  • PERMALINK finger clutch

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  • LINER Series
  • 12' 1" - 49' 2"
  • Superior design

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CLAAS Round Balers

  • Variable and fixed chambers
  • Superior density

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CLAAS Square Balers

  • QUADRANT Series
  • Superior bale density
  • Excellent crop flow

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Smart Farming

  • Smart equipment
  • Open platforms
  • Advanced digital tools

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Your Future CEO isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. Neither are we.

More than ag equipment, CLAAS is the family partner who is just as driven, demanding, and dedicated to seeing her grow. So, while the next generation of growers is still growing, know that CLAAS will be by your side, engineering machines for those that are destined for more.

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