Reliability with no compromises:
the CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvesters

Quality that sets standards. Performance that has no equal. Comfort and user-friendliness that meet your every need. An uncompromisingly reliable machine: the CLAAS JAGUAR.

Powerful performance Greater efficiency

Outstanding in every field

There's more to the powerful performance of the CLAAS JAGUAR models than their formidable 408-925 hp output: the CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE intelligent engine management system offers 5% greater throughput with a fuel savings of 10%. This is just one of the many competitive advantages of the CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvester.

Low fuel consumption

Stretching one gallon of fuel across more than eight tons of silage proves that you don't have to sacrifice performance for fuel savings1.
1 based on measurements by CLAAS

Quality 100 % operational reliability

A colleague you can count on

Everything has to work properly during peak season in order to get the most out of harvest. After more than 45 years of experience in the field, the new CLAAS JAGUAR saves operators up to 10% in fuel and works at least 5% more efficiently than the competition. And if something doesn't work as it should, CLAAS SERVICE is ready to assist at all hours.

CLAAS Service & Parts

We put our best in the JAGUAR forage harvester because we know your livelihood depends on it. The result: a machine known for its uptime and low maintenance costs. If something isn't running as it should, a knowledgeable service team is ready to get your machine running to minimize costly downtime.

Unparalleled silage quality

Outstanding silage quality is not a mistake. Feedroll compression is hydraulically regulated and adjusted automatically. The exclusive SHREDLAGE processor enhances the fiber available for digestion, while increasing milk yield in dairy cows by up to 2.4 lbs per cow per day. And, because this is the CLAAS JAGUAR, you can do so while saving time and making more money.

Well thought-out Ð right down to the ground

It's not just the crop that gets the very best treatment. In order to take care of the soil, we developed the TERRA TRAC drive concept for particularly effective ground protection. In addition, CLAAS JAGUAR machines stay on track when operating on slopes, maintain their high traction during heavy-duty working, yet are manageable and compact on the road.

Driving comfort Intuitive and user-friendly operation

Fast access to all machine functions

Navigate through settings with the touchscreen CEBIS control system. You will quickly push the CLAAS JAGUAR to its full potential. Key functions are laid out logically for maximum convenience.

Comfort through and through

The user-friendly controls of the CLAAS JAGUAR extends to the design of the cab which provides an ideal workplace. It offers outstanding visibility, a quieter working environment, and an ergonomic seat which can be adjusted to suit each and every operator.

Outstanding support

Long days in the field should not be stressful. Take advantage of AUTO FILL to fill trailers to the side and rear completely autonomously. Let AUTO PILOT guide the JAGUAR through rows of corn. Run at peak capacity when CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE adjusts ground speed to engine load. A CLAAS JAGUAR simplifies tasks to keep the operator alert and operating efficiently.

JAGUAR 990-930

  • 462–925 hp engine output
  • Industry-leading crop flow
  • Filled with features

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JAGUAR 870-840

  • 408–626 hp engine output
  • Proven mechanical drive line
  • Simple layout

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JAGUAR front attachments

  • Harvest a variety of crops
  • Excellent ground following
  • Seamless crop flow to JAGUAR feederhouse

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Individual advice that's tailored to your needs

Find a cost-effective addition to your fleet. Your regional CLAAS dealer looks forward to your inquiry and will be pleased to advise you on the ideal JAGUAR forage harvester for your needs.