On track for soil protection.

Agriculture is changing. In order to meet the growing demands of farmers and contractors with regard to area output, flexibility and reduced soil pressure, CLAAS is pursuing the systematic development of TERRA TRAC technology.


On track for soil protection.

Agriculture is changing. In order to meet the growing demands of farmers and contractors with regard to area output, flexibility and reduced soil pressure, CLAAS is pursuing the systematic development of TERRA TRAC technology.

CLAAS Forage harvester | JAGUAR 960 TERRA TRAC.

Your benefits:

  • Fast on the road
  • Reduces soil compaction in the field
  • Stable on slopes
  • High on traction for heavy-duty working
  • Comfortable driving experience

The soil is the most important basis for production in the agricultural sector. As it is impossible to create more of it, ever greater yields have to be obtained from the existing land. This can only be achieved with machines which are bigger, more powerful and, therefore, heavier. Soil compaction is the result. Recognising the need to reduce this effect drastically, we developed the TERRA TRAC drive concept with patented geometry for particularly effective soil protection.

Soil pressure measurements obtained with the three variants.


Wheeled machine during straight-ahead travel, TERRA TRAC machines during straight-ahead travel and cornering.

Source: Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Reckleben (2017)

Soil pressure measurement during cornering.

The application of the TERRA TRAC to the JAGUAR is a logical development of our crawler track concept. The JAGUAR TERRA TRAC is the first forage harvester equipped as standard with a function to protect the soil and grassland against driving damage. The headland protection function reduces the contact area by a third when cornering and protects the grass cover. This means that, for the first time, it is possible to make use of the advantages of the crawler track system on all surfaces throughout the whole year.

Wheeled machine

TERRA TRAC without headland protection

TERRA TRAC with headland protection

The TERRA TRAC crawler track system causes significantly lower soil pressure than the wheeled machine, even in headland mode. Source: Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Reckleben (2017)

  1. Three track widths
  2. Suspension and track tensioning system
  3. Drive wheel
  4. Support rollers
  5. Land wheel
  6. Tyre pressure adjustment system for steering axle


The driving force.

The TERRA TRAC drive concept with its patented geometry combines reliable, durable components with sophisticated technology.

  • Friction-locked drive: instead of an interrupted transmission of the drive force being provided by separate teeth, a continuous frictional drive connection is provided across the entire track.
  • Large land wheels: the large land wheels prevent rapid sinking into the ground and enable an easier exit from the path formed by the machine in extreme conditions. Furthermore, their large diameter makes for a greater contact area with the track and enables effective power transmission.
  • Hydropneumatic suspension: the smart suspension system provides a high level of driving comfort while keeping the loads on the machine down. Land wheels and support rollers are suspended separately. This allows ground speeds of up to 40 km/h and noticeably enhanced cornering stability.
  • Automatic track tensioning: the strong track is tensioned by an additional hydraulic ram which prevents slippage. The tension is monitored electronically at all times. If the track tension pressure drops, the machine operator is warned via CEBIS.

The advantages.

The TERRA TRAC drive concept has convinced farmers and contractors around the world thanks to the following characteristics:

  • Large contact area combined with a transport width that complies with road traffic licensing regulations
  • Avoidance of soil compaction and preservation of the soil structure
  • Less drive resistance, less slippage, lower fuel consumption and greater stability on slopes through optimised traction
  • Higher seasonal performance through longer working times, even under difficult conditions
  • Shallower ruts which can be eliminated easily during subsequent tillage
  • Comfortable workplace in the field and on the road, even at speeds as high as 40 km/h thanks to fully suspended crawler track units

These advantages have consequences for the efficiency of farms/contractors and offer vast potential for cost savings. Maintenance of a good soil structure is the basic requirement for good yields. A good soil aggregate state can also keep the requirement for fertilizer to a minimum, as a healthy soil can make better use of the available nutrients than a compacted one.

Furthermore, use of the TERRA TRAC crawler track system can lead to fuel savings. Subsequent tillage can be performed with a lower tractive power requirement, as the soil compaction is more superficial than that which results when using other drive systems in the same weight classes. The good traction performance of the crawler tracks increases pulling power and thus also efficiency with the same fuel consumption.

The integrated approach.

The advantages of the TERRA TRAC concept are obvious and have proved themselves on combine harvesters for over 20 years. In order to make full use of the potential of the system, it is important to take an integrated approach to soil protection. This means treating the soil gently throughout every process in the chain. Taking this reasoning to its logical conclusion, CLAAS is now extending the application of this concept to the tractor and forage harvester so that farmers and contractors can treat the basis of their livelihood, the soil, sustainably from drilling to harvest.