DISCO 1100 C/RC. A new dimension of mowing.

Unprecedented productivity.

With a working width of up to 35' 2" (10.7 m), the new DISCO 1100 C/RC is the largest mower with MAX CUT on the market today. It offers a quantum leap in terms of performance, intelligent technology and user-friendly operation, and is ideally suited for a professional business operation. The new DISCO 1100 C/RC is fitted with either a tine or roller conditioner, and is currently the widest conditioner mower on the market.

DISCO 1100

  • MAX CUT for superb chop quality
  • Hydraulic non-stop breakback protection
  • KENNFIXX® hydraulic connector with hydraulic function marking and magnetic bracket
  • Hydraulically folded side protective covers as standard, in the DISCO 1100 additional two-part folding of inner protective covers
  • Hydraulic transport locking device
  • Lower link guide clips for ease of mounting
  • LED light bar
  • Optionally fitted with four LED lights for professional harvesting results, even at night

The DISCO 1100 telescopic booms.

The two telescopic booms, each with a 12.5 foot-wide MAX CUT mower bar, have infinitely variable adjustment via the terminal to the mower. The protected, inside travel measurement rams provide flexible overlap setting capability, allowing a greater overlap in tight curves or on slopes, for example.

For road transport, the telescopic booms can be folded upwards, and also downwards at up to 7.8" (20 cm) ground clearance. This combines a maximum working width of 35' 2" (10.7 m), including conditioner, with a compact road transport position of less than 13.1' (4.0 m) in height.

Front mower options.

DISCO 1100 users can also optimize their CLAAS front mower, provided the front mower and large-scale mower are fitted with the the required options. No additional spool valve is then required for front mower additional options. The range includes disc speed monitoring and the ACTIVE FLOAT display, ACTIVE FLOAT control and automatic control of the hydraulically folding protective covers.

Disc speed monitoring and drive protection.

If the speed of a mower unit falls below a (pre-adjustable) limit value, the driver is alerted with a visual and audio alarm. This allows full utilisation of the machine's capacity at all times. The required lift height at headlands can be saved, using an angle sensor. In combination with the disc speed monitoring function, the angle sensor provides effective protection against operator errors.

With hydraulically controlled booms, working widths of between 31' 2" and 35' 2" (9.4 and 10.7 m) can be achieved, depending on the front mower used.

Professional-level telescoping technology opens up completely new possibilities.

Optimum work result even in curves, thanks to maximum overlap of up to 23.6" (60 cm).

Less than 13.1 feet (4.0 m): compact transport position with generous ground clearance