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The CLAAS AXION tractor.

Fuel efficiency is a vital part of our commitment to your farming operation. That’s why we challenge ourselves to find new and improved ways to make our AXION tractor the most fuel-efficient in agriculture.

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Fuel efficiency the competition can’t match.

A team of experienced tractor operators recently put the CLAAS AXION 940 and the John Deere 8370R through a barrage of tests, side-by-side. With more torque for better pulling capacity at lower engine speed, the CLAAS AXION 940 proved to offer better fuel efficiency than the competition – a total of 17% more.

If diesel fuel were $4.00/gal., this equates to $0.29/acre saved or $5,200 saved across approximately 500 hours. Read our latest article.

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Need more proof?

Performance runs in the family.

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Just like the XERION, the superior fuel efficiency of the AXION can also be attributed to its ability to better transfer the engine’s torque and power through its 4 range transmission – CMATIC. Careful component selection and system design leads to fuel and money savings while still achieving a high level of performance.