Measuring Instruments

Moisture Meter

For checks during harvesting, drying, and storage.

The correct moisture level of the grain is a decisive factor in determining the time of harvesting or type of storage. There are different methods of determining the moisture, and these methods offer different degrees of precision.

The CLAAS crop moisture sensor is a compact and precise measuring device for measuring whole grains. Simply put a handful of grains in the measuring device and after a short time, the CLAAS crop moisture sensor will display the grain moisture with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.5 %.

Because of its compact size, you can always carry the CLAAS crop moisture sensor on your machine, and are always in control, during threshing, drying, or storage.

Display of 16 sorts of grain:

barley, wheat, rye, oats, triticale, canola, corn, peas, sunflower, red clover, ryegrass, milo, rice, soy beans, timothy grass, sesame

Benefits of the CLAAS grain moisture measuring device:

  • Whole grains can be measured even more precisely
  • Microprocessor controlled measurement
  • Display in different languages
  • Automatic temperature equalization
  • Operator guidance by the display
  • Moisture levels can be determined quickly
  • Measurement range: grain 8 – 35%, oil plants 5 – 25%
  • Measurement precision +/- 0.5 % moisture
  • Possibility for calibrating the measuring instrument
  • Determination of mean values from multiple measurements
  • External temperature probe (available as accessory)

The external temperature sensor (available as accessory) allows you to also monitor the temperature in the silo.

Temperature Measuring Stick

For optimum storage conditions

This temperature measuring stick allows you to measure the temperature in the vertical silo or horizontal silo simply and quickly, always keeping the quality of your crop storage under control and thus preventing any loss.

Advantages of the CLAAS Temperature Measuring Stick:

  • Sturdy measuring stick made of fiber glass
  • Large LCD display
  • 1.5 m measuring depth
  • Simple to use
  • Temperature range 5 - 158°F (-15 – +70 °C)

For more information, contact your CLAAS dealer.