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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you'll have questions about our new products and innovations for 2020 and we'll do our best to answer them from here.

Be sure to check back after August 27 for more  detailed information on our new JAGUAR forage harvesters.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you'll have questions about our new products and innovations for 2020 and we'll do our best to answer them from here.

Be sure to check back after August 27 for more  detailed information on our new JAGUAR forage harvesters.


  • What is updated with the new LEXION combine?

    The all-new LEXION 8000-7000 Series combine is designed for business-minded ag professionals who want more from their combine, with no compromises. With more power than ever before, it's designed to streamline harvest and save you time. More acres per hour and better grain quality — with less lost out the back — means more money for the owner's bottom line. Learn about all of the features here.

  • You mention streamlining harvest. How does the new LEXION combine do that?

    Here are the stats. With the APS SYNFLOW HYBRID threshing system, the LEXION 8000-7000 features 10 percent more capacity, along with unloading speeds as fast as 5.1 bu/second. It also features the industry's largest grain tank — a whopping 510-bushel capacity! Our legendary CEMOS AUTOMATIC system takes the guesswork out of making machine adjustments – improving throughput and grain quality, while reducing grain loss. The operator saves time with in-cab controls that allow for crop changeovers in as little as five minutes, and a 25 mph transport speed (wheeled and tracks). Maintenance time is also more streamlined with a central lubrication system and DYNAMIC COOLING.

  • Why did CLAAS decide to go green with the new LEXION?

    The CLAAS green is the company brand color, and it's already featured on our other products in our long line of equipment, including our JAGUAR forage harvesters, AXION and XERION tractors, and balers and hay tools. CLAAS is one of the leading global manufacturers of agricultural equipment and, in fact, started working on its first grain harvesting prototype in 1930, which provided the basis for the company's transformation into one of the world's leading combine harvester manufacturers. It was a natural fit to bring the LEXION combine into the color fold.

    While the color change brings the combine in line with the other equipment lines, there's another side of the story. Our customers have always thought beyond the color of their equipment. They're more focused on their business and the innovation it takes them to thrive. And as a business-minded equipment company, CLAAS is right there with them!

  • What are the features of the AXION series tractors?

    The new AXION 900 and 800 series tractors provide a range of power options — from 200 to 440 horsepower — and other available technology options for many different applications. With the most fuel efficient PTO horsepower, excellent cab comfort, and superior cab visibility, this tractor is ideal for the livestock and livestock input producer, and also has applications in other markets. The 800 series AXION offers a HEXASHIFT or CMATIC (CVT) transmission to fit the specific needs of the operator, whether it's big square baling, round baling, loading or other functions. The 900 series is available exclusively with the CMATIC transmission.

  • What is the intended market for the AXION tractor?

    The high-efficiency AXION tractor was developed with livestock and livestock input producers in mind.

  • What's new in baler and hay equipment from CLAAS?

    CLAAS is a leading manufacturer of hay and forage machinery for any farm or business size. Our coordinated machines support day-to-day operations and help customers achieve optimal results in forage harvesting.

    Our new ROLLANT 520 round baler features eight newly designed heavy-duty rollers and shafts bolted to 15 mm-thick flanges for improved strength and durability. The new DISCO 4000 TRC mower features hydraulic flotation for less wear, less ash and better cut quality — and new windrow plates make any perfectly sized windrow. And the new VOLTO 55 TH tedder features the MAX SPREAD tine system for faster ground speed and more even spread pattern.

  • How is the JAGUAR 990 different from the previous generation?

    The new JAGUAR is more powerful and efficient than ever, with up to 925 hp. It features industry-leading throughput, for more tons per hour; proven chop quality, including our patented SHREDLAGE technology; time-savings with features designed for ease of operation; and better fuel efficiency — 10 percent better than the competition, which means less time spent refueling, too.  Plus, for the first time, JAGUAR 990 (and 960) are available ex-factory with the TERRA TRAC integrated crawler track system for higher road speeds (up to 25 mph) and reduced soil compaction.

  • Tell me more about the new ORBIS header.

    The new ORBIS header features a gentle, high-throughput crop transport, meaning the operator will see superior ground contour following and a more consistent crop transfer. The header suspension ensures that ORBIS maintains an ideal lateral balance and adjusts itself to the field contours. This leads to an appreciable reduction in wear and increases reliability.

  • What is SILAGE TECH?

    Last year, we introduced our SILAGE TECH package for the JAGUAR 900 Series — a performance bundle that increased data information and feed quality. The package allows the operator to measure yield and moisture levels on the go, and leverage that real-time data to adjust chop lengths and control inoculant dosing on the fly. The result is more efficient harvesting and higher quality silage that delivers better nutrition for cows.

  • You mentioned SHREDLAGE. What is that?

    Only CLAAS forage harvesters can be equipped with a patented MCC-SHREDLAGE processor designed to work with longer-chopped silage with significantly improved bacterial fermentation during ensiling and greater digestion in the cow's rumen. Because SHREDLAGE silage is easier to digest, both milk production and the health of the herd are improved. You can learn more here.

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