A genuine all-rounder.

The DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER is the professional mower for contractors, large agricultural businesses and biogas plant operators. The biogas mower with swath-grouping function was specifically developed for harvesting whole-plant silage crops such as forage rye or triticale. Multiple operating processes ensure maximum flexibility.

One mowing combination, four processes.

1. Swath grouping:

For swath grouping, the two belt units are folded down. Specifically for a biomass crop, the DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER forms a perfect box-shaped swath. The high torque of the belt drive allows operation at low rpm.

59 feet (18 m) into one swath:

In addition to depositing a single swath, by folding up one of the belt units, during a back-and-forth pass you can consolidate a working width of 59 feet (18 m) into 6.5 feet (2 m). Working in combination with the LINER 3600, which has a raking width of 41 feet (12.5 m), the rake can combine a working width of 59 feet (18 m) into a single swath. Results from the field show that this can boost the harvesting capacity of the JAGUAR by up to 40 percent.

3. Edge mowing:

The DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER makes for even more efficient edge mowing: with an active belt unit at the outside field edge, you can throw the crop material inwards, to make sure no valuable crop is lost.

4. Spreading the crop:

When the weather lets you down, stay flexible: by folding up the belt units, you can operate the DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER as a normal large-scale mower.

DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER benefits.

  • Two individual belt units with belt speeds that can be pre-set for maximum crop throughput
  • Tine conditioner
  • MAX CUT for superb cut quality
  • Non-stop breakback protection in case of a collision – the mower pivots, and is automatically placed in the starting position
  • KENNFIXX® hydraulic connector with hydraulic function marking and magnetic bracket
  • Hydraulic foldable protective covers (optional)
  • Hydraulic transport locking device
  • Lower link guide clips for ease of mounting
  • LED light bar
  • Optional six LED lights for professional harvesting into the night

Front mower options.

For even greater convenience, users of DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER machines can also optimise their CLAAS front mower, provided the front mower and large-scale mower are fitted with the required options. No additional spool valve is then required for front mower additional options. The range includes disc speed monitoring and the ACTIVE FLOAT display, ACTIVE FLOAT control, and automatic control of the hydraulically foldable protective covers.


The DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER and 1100 C/RC models are fitted with load-sensing comfort hydraulics as standard. This allows user-friendly operation via a tablet with EASY on board, COMMUNICATOR II or another ISOBUS-compatible terminal.

In the case of a fully ISOBUS-capable tractor, the function keys can be programmed with all main commands. An additional P2 line enables the mower be raised in the headland via a single-acting spool valve and integrated in the tractor's headland management system.


When the mower units are raised at the headlands, the feed belts are automatically accelerated to the maximum speed by the patented BELT BOOST technology. This forms a tapered swath, rather than increasing its width. The swath is then picked up by the harvesting machine following behind without any loss of material.