DISCO 9200

Top performer over many years.

With its two working widths of 29' 3" /29' 10" (9.1 / 8.9 m), the DISCO 9200 is a tidy and reliable performer in all conditions.

Proven CONTOUR benefits.

  • Mechanical breakback protection
  • Without conditioner or with tine or roller conditioner, as preferred
  • Synchronized mower lifting and lowering even on slopes
  • Compact and robust

Even greater comfort.

  • MAX CUT for superb chop quality
  • KENNFIXX® hydraulic connector with hydraulic function marking
  • Programmable headland height
  • Hydraulic protective cover folding, optional on all DISCO 9200 CONTOUR machines
  • Hydraulic transport locking device (without cable)
  • Lower link guide clips for ease of mounting

Front mower options.

For even greater comfort, the DISCO 9200 provides disc speed monitoring and ACTIVE FLOAT display for your CLAAS front mower, provided the ACTIVE FLOAT option is fitted on the front mower.

Disc speed monitoring and drive protection.

If the speed of a mower unit falls below a (pre-adjustable) limit value, the driver is alerted with a visual and audio alarm. This allows full utilization of the machine's capacity at all times. The required lift height at headlands can be saved, using an angle sensor. In combination with the disc speed monitoring function, the angle sensor provides effective protection against operator errors.

The OPERATOR: ergonomic control terminal with large display and illuminated buttons for pre-selection of control functions.

Compact transport position for safe travel on the road.