Pull-Type Mowers

Center pivot or side pull performance.

CLAAS offers center pivot and side pull mowers, in a variety of widths and conditioning options, to meet your toughest pull-type mowing demands.

You will always find the rear mounted mower in our product range. Superior MAX CUT cutterbar technology for a superior cut, rugged durability and easy maintenance. MAX CUT offers professional cutting technology for premium quality forage harvesting.

ModelHitchPositionWorking WidthPTO SpeedConditioner
4000TC2-PointCenter Pivot12.5 ' (3,8 m)1000Tine
3600 TC2-PointCenter Pivot11.2 ' (3,4 m)1000Tine
3600 TRC2-PointCenter Pivot11.2 ' (3,4 m)1000Roller
3150 TC2-PointSide Pull9.8 ' (3,0 m)540Tine
3150 TRC2-PointSide Pull9.8 ' (3,0 m)540


DISCO disc mowers

The benefits.

Trailed DISCO mowers with central drawbar provide all the capacity required for high work rates and a successful forage harvesting result.

They also have the characteristic DISCO benefits:

  • MAX CUT for superb chop quality
  • ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension
  • Folding protective covers: easy access to the mower bar and all maintenance points
  • Choice of tine or roller conditioner
  • Range of swathing plate options available
DISCO disc mowers

Full use of the working width.

Thanks to the combination of two double-acting rams, the mower can be pivoted to either side via the central drawbar. One of the rams acts as a stop mechanism, stabilising the mower unit. The drawbar adjustment function available on request – no tools required – allows trailed DISCO mowers to be adapted quickly for all tractors and track widths. This means you can use the full working width on both sides.

DISCO disc mowers

Drive: rugged and well-designed

Free-moving bracket on the lower link arm ensures maximum flexibility for attachments. The tractor’s power is transferred to the mower via a highly rugged and reliable swivelling drive head. PTO shaft resists bending even in the narrowest of curves. Minimal wear when making turns.

DISCO disc mowers

Parallel Suspension

The suspension found on the DISCO 3050 TC and 3050 TRC design helps reduce ground pressure and keeps wear to a minimum. The DISCO cutterbar is suspended by four strong springs and a stable frame construction to glide smoothly over the ground.

DISCO disc mowers

Obstacles pose no problem

As soon as the DISCO encounters an obstacle, for example a large rock, the entire mower and conditioner unit pivot up and back until it is safely over the object. The bar then returns to its original position automatically. This feature alone can save you dollars in potential repair costs with the competition.

DISCO disc mowers

Tine Conditioner

The tine conditioner attacks the waxy coating on the plants so that the sap surfaces and dries more rapidly. In addition, the swath is mixed well and is discharged more easily on the stubble, which accelerates the drying process. Rapid and even drying of the forage minimized the risks of adverse weather conditions. Setting of the conditioner intensity can be done with variable adjustment of the baffle plate positioned close to the conditioner.