The CLAAS LEXION combine.

The CLAAS LEXION takes years of harvesting and engineering experience to design a combine that delivers efficiency, precision, reliability, and convenience to the field. The continuous commitment to adapt and refine CLAAS technology brings you increased throughput with up to 31% less fuel consumption per acre than our competitors. That means, per 1,000 acres, you can save 480 gallons of fuel that can equal an extra $1,920* in reduced expenses.

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CEMOS AUTOMATIC for fuel savings

Running the combine at optimal efficiency is attributed to CEMOS AUTOMATIC, which automatically makes precise adjustments with more speed and accuracy than a seasoned operator. This results in increased total throughput by approximately 11% and improves overall engine utilization by 25% compared with an identical combine being adjusted manually.

Performance at the pump.

LEXION Fuel Chart Graphic_950x276

CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS deliver unmatched productivity as well as fuel efficiency.

The straight drive line and direct transfer of power from the engine to the components maximizes engine horsepower with minimal drivetrain loss that costs precious fuel efficiency.

Straight, fuel-saving crop flow

CLAAS LEXION APS SYNFLOW HYBRID and APS SYNFLOW WALKER Combines are designed to minimize the pinch points and twisting crop flow that demand extra power and zap fuel efficiency. The flat transition of the crop through APS threshing system and no unnecessary changes of speed not only preserve grain and straw quality, but boost the combine’s overall productivity rate to utilize less fuel per acre

DYNAMIC POWER ensures that you have power when you need it, and fuel efficiency when you don’t.

The exclusive CLAAS system intelligently monitors engine load of the combine and automatically adjusts engine speed to match power provided by the combine with the needs in the field at the time. By managing engine output and eliminating unused power, fuel use decreases by up to 10%.