Video Info Systems


Can be used flexibly in different machines.

With its separate control box, the CLAAS PROFI CAM II can be installed outside of the cab and can be used on different machines. Extensive options for expansion guarantee economic efficiency and an extremely high level of flexibility.


Benefits of the CLAAS PROFI CAM II:

  • Color camera for extreme operating conditions
  • Camera in pressure-resistant aluminum casing
  • Objective with 2.5 mm focal width
  • Area of application from -4 to 140° F (–20 to + 60 °C)
  • Maximum vibration 80 G
  • Maximum shock resistance 8 G
  • Best possible flexibility with a control box that can be installed separately, sufficient connection cables and a variety of enhancement options

Color monitor with front operation:

  • Non-reflecting TFT display (5“ viewable picture)
  • Multiple adjustment options (brightness, contrast, switchover between camera 1/camera 2, mirrors)
  • Convenient front operation
  • Automatic dimmer
  • Temperature range 14 - 122°F (–10 to +50 °C)


With the CLAAS TELE CAM, you get a video system for wireless radio transmission. It gives you the option of transmitting the video image directly from the chopping unit to any number of silage trucks. With a scope of several hundred yards, the silage truck drivers in can always keep sight of the current filling process. This allows vehicles to be loaded to the maximum and replaced at the appropriate time.

Benefits of the CLAAS TELE CAM:

  • Optimal loading of silage trucks, even in the dark
  • Unnecessary trips across the field are avoided
  • Increased efficiency throughout chopping process
  • Easy to fit and operate
  • Any number of receivers
  • Robust technology based on the PROFI CAM II
  • Existing PROFI CAM II system can be easily upgraded
  • Varied fields of application (overloading camera for combine harvesters or monitoring cameras for large-square balers) thanks to integrated stress stabilization

The integrated radio transmitter works on the 2.4 GHz ISM band, with a maximum permitted transmission power of 10 mW. Pay attention to country-specific frequency approvals.

For more information, contact your CLAAS dealer.