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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

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The latest brochures, stories, photos, videos and other current information on the people and products of CLAAS.

CLAAS Equipment:

Latest Lineup Captures Six AE50 Awards

Six new CLAAS machines received AE50 Awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The AE50 Awards program celebrates products that feature the highest in innovation, significant engineering advancement and impact on the market served.

The six award winners are:

  • LEXION 8000-7000 Series Combine Harvester
  • JAGUAR 900 Series Forage Harvester
  • AXION 900 Series Tractor
  • ORBIS 750 Header
  • CLAAS Corn Head

ASABE is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food and biological systems. Companies from around the world enter the AE50 Awards. A panel of international engineering experts then determine the top 50 products that represent the diversity of agricultural and biological engineering through ingenuity in product development, while providing time, cost and labor savings, and improving user safety.


LEXION 8000-7000 Series Combine Harvester

This powerful new series of harvesters features the highest capacity in the industry. The 8000-7000 Series is built to streamline the way you harvest, saving time and money in the process. In fact, with the APS SYNFLOW HYBRID system, these LEXION harvesters deliver 10% more capacity than previous models. It features the industry’s largest grain tank, holding 510 bushels. And with unloading speeds as fast as 5.1 bushels per second, this harvester gets the job done quickly, while maintaining excellent grain quality.

JAGUAR 900 Series Forage Harvester

This harvester delivers industry-leading throughput to harvest more tons per hour and sets the standard for reliability and longevity. The optional CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE feature automatically adjusts horsepower and speed for improved engine efficiency and maximum harvesting capacity. The JAGUAR 900 Series provides a 10% fuel savings over the competition, due to the enhanced engine design and power transfer.


The patented TERRA TRAC drive system is now available on the JAGUAR 990 and 960 models. It’s the first forage harvester designed to tread lightly when turning at the headlands while taking advantage of the added grip and stability of the track system throughout the rest of the field. The powerful JAGUAR TERRA TRAC can travel up to 25 mph (40km/h) on the road, and it provides a much smoother ride, reduced soil compaction and added traction on slopes and all soil conditions.

AXION 900 Series Tractor

If you’re looking for a tractor that delivers on power, the AXION 900 Series delivers 320 to 440 rated engine horsepower, with a 445 hp max. The 8.7L engine is coupled with a four-mode CVT transmission, resulting in up to 91% of engine horsepower available at the PTO shaft. In fact, the straight-through power take off (PTO) drive system provides the most efficient use of power for applications such as hay cutting, baling, forage chopping, feeding, manure spreading and other tasks requiring intensive PTO use.

ORBIS 750 Header

With a frame that’s stamped from a flat piece of metal with no welded joints, the ORBIS 750 is the strongest header in the industry. The PREMIUM LINE knives, crop flow guides and Christmas trees are durable and provide consistent cutting and feeding. The newly designed knives and shorter, stronger points on the header prevent double cuts in the field. Plus, the new AUTO CONTOUR system allows for even closer cutting to the ground.

CLAAS Corn Head

The latest corn head from CLAAS is productive and efficient in tough-to-harvest crops with greater yield potential. It’s also flexible, so operators can quickly and effectively adapt to challenging field conditions, right from the cab. New gear-driven left- and right-hand main row unit gearboxes eliminate the need to periodically maintain drive chains, and the new knife rolls don’t require grease, so operators don’t have to make frequent maintenance stops.

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